Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Me in my Tutu

2009 Regan TUTU 004
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These two pictures I just had to post. I was going through some hand me down clothes and came apon this tutu. I thought of my sister Maureen immediately. She was such a little princess growing up. LOVED anything frilly and of course was in ballet. I took this picture to send to her.
Notice Connor in the back laughing. We were all singing the "elmo" song...to get Regan to look over.

Future Ballerina?

2009 Regan TUTU 001
Originally uploaded by taraborrelli1

Connor Walking

We knew it would be soon....but it is still amazing to see. Connor took his 1st steps. He had been taking one to two steps at a time. But on this day, he took like 5 steps in a row! You could tell he was sooooo proud of himself. I am sure it was because of our reaction!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dance to the Music

Our St Patricks Day was not as fun as we would have liked. We were very excited to go down to the Irish Pub for some Irish Fun. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Kevin said that he did not feel well.. He was complaining that his tummy hurt and he felt warm. Since we were already there, we walked down to where the tents and the fun were. We put Kevin in the stoller with Regan and I held Connor. Poor baby really was not feeling well... We stayed for a few minutes and then decided to go home. We stayed just long enough to get Regan dancing to the music on video..Here is is.

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