Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 30, 2009

This day, we attempted to go to the pool...Even though the weather was nice, the pool was not heated. It was BRRRR cold!
Kevin was cold too...however, it didn't seem to bother him as much

sitting poolside

Regan sitting poolside in her teeny bikini

Twins in their bathing glory

This picture speaks for itself

all 4 of them


Connor ready for bath

2 butts

Bath Time

This is the 1st and maybe the last time I had them together in the bathtub!

South Florida Fair

Look at the fake pyramids

peek a boo Regan

South Florida Fair

South Florida Fair

One day, we picked the kids up from school early and went to the South Florida Fair. They boys loved it! This place had so many rides and other fun stuff. Kevin loved this ride,

2009 Jan 28 Professional

Somehow I got the two of them... no easy task

2009 Jan 28 Professional 001

Regan was sitting pretty as usual. I love her two teeth smile

2009 Jan 28 Professional 002

Connor was on the go... He would not sit still for an instant. I love how you cannot tell this from the picture... He looks like he is posing.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

oh baby baby

Regan's craaazy hair!

Connor with his smug little look.

The stealing begins

And so it begins...they are starting to realize that if they want something, they can just take it! Doesn't matter what it is. If Regan picks up something, Connor will take it way...and vice versa.

Regan got caught in this picture...and so she just smiled!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never too early for Posion Control

Well, after a 6 1/2 year hiatus...I had to call Poison Control. I have not had to dial that number since Andrew was about 10 months old. Fitting that I would need to call for Connor (who is 8 1/2 months old)
While I was feeding sweet little girl Regan, Connor got in to the Desitin. He had it all over his hands, face and in his mouth! I called Poison Control and they said not to worry.. If he did ingest some, which is unlikely because of the taste, the most it would do is cause some Diarrhea. And that would be from dehydration, not from the Desitin itself. phewwwww!
I gave him some food and put him to bed...Hopefully he will be OK tomorrow.. If he has severe diarrhea I will need to get him to the Doctor!

This the romper room that Jason set up for the twins. They LOVE it. It is a decent size room where they can crawl, sit, play to their hearts delight! Connor is standing up on his own..His confidence is mind boggling. I know he will really start cruising soon . Regan , I am sure, will be crawling soon. She really tries...but cant get the coordination down yet. She never misses a chance to smile at the camera!
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Regan is really starting to get around. She is not crawling yet, but she is getting up on her front arms while her legs are still on the ground. She moves around alot. In this picture, she moved around so much that she backed herself under the couch. She was not too happy, until I got the camera...that girl loves to get her picture taken
January 22nd...Baby it is COOOOOOLD outside. Woke up to temps in the 30's! We still managed to bike to school...we just dressed extra warm!
Jason is in Jacksonville this week, so I had to take the twins out in this cold...They are all decked out in their winter gear
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