Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hovering in a corner

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There really is no significance of this photo. Andrew and Kevin were so proud that they were able to get Connor and Regan over in the corner. They really wanted me to take a picture..so here it is!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hit me with your best diaper shot

Picture 136
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felt the need for some diaper shots today...not quite sure what got into me. I was dressing them for the day, and they just looked so darn cute in their diapers..I just want to eat their legs.
I tried to get them sitting together, but one of them(not going to say who!Lol) would not sit still......

just hangin around

Picture 138
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Connor Rankin 2/8/2009

Picture 140
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Regan Cara 2/8/2009

Picture 141
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I am in here MOM!

Picture 143
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this is a funny story.
I went into the babies room only to find Regan.. I looked around, No Connor. Where could he have gone? The room is completly fenced in. I was the only one home and I know I did not move him.
I have this basket at the other end of the couch that is in this room. If you are looking in this room from the outside you cannot see this basket. It is tucked in the corner. I store the babies toys in there.
I peeked around the couch and here I see connor sitting INSIDE the basket. I am not sure how he got in there. Did he fall in and then maneuver? did he climb in? I guess I will never know. He was so quiet just playing with the toys and a lid for a bottle. You may notice that he is dressed in pink (it is not your eyesight or the computer screen) This is not because we secretly want twin girls..The weather has been chilly and for some reason we have more heavy girl Pj's than boys

Everglades awareness Day

Picture 132
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This Saturday Feb 7th was Everglades Awareness day. There was a festival, with all kinds of exhibits and wildlife. The kids really enjoyed themselves. It was just nice to be outside and see all the natural wildlife. We did alot of walking though! Unfortunately we did not see any gators (it was not from a lack of looking) We did see a turtle, some really neat snakes, a possum, and some really neat birds. Here is a picture of a Heron just looking around.

Andrew at the everglades

Picture 134
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Kevin exploring the everglades

Picture 135
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This is the way we Roll.

Picture 131
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Since Andrew and Kevin ride their bikes to and from school everyday, I put the twins in this little chariot that is attached to my bike and away we go.. They seem to really enjoy it.. Connor gets a little ansy if we stop for an extended period of time. They just look out their 3 way window and enjoy the scenery. The kids at school(as well as adults) LOVE seeing us "pull up" in the chariot. When it rains or is windy..there is a flap that folds them to protect them.. when it is cold, I add some blankets...talk about the lap of luxury.
Lets go twins...your chariot awaits!

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